Hello! My name is Julián Pizarro. I am a Professional Life Coach. I graduated from Andres Bello University in Santiago, Chile. I am also Certified by the International Life and Leadership Coaching Academy. I specialize in expat coaching. I fully understand what you are going through, what your family is going through, I was an expat for 25 years and coming back to Chile, my home country, was not an easy process for me or my family.

My Mission

is to help expats solve and overcome the challenges and difficulties that do not allow them to adapt well and enjoy their new destination. To help them regain their emotional balance and gain a positive perspective of the present experience.

My Vision

is that all countries, however complex they may be, should have something we can learn from, discover, and enjoy to the fullest in order to make us stronger and challenge us. It’s a matter of finding what that country has to offer for you.

My goal

is to help you live a fuller experience integrating your new context professionally, personally, and family situation.

What is my assignment as a coach?

Help you find “your how, what, where, when” understanding your scenario, giving you tools to get out of the constant complaint or sadness. Accompanying you in your personal search, breaking down limiting beliefs and discomforts from a positive and resilient perspective.

It’s about feeling good again, finding meaning and purpose in your life in your new home. “That you learn to handle frustration, irritation, anguish and become a stronger, safer and happier person” than you arrived.

I can also help you find your talents, skills and empower them. Maybe that place is the ideal place to meet you and start the recreational activity that you loved so much and for lack of time you didn’t start it. I am sure there must be a lot of new experiences, friends, studies, languages, culture, waiting to be discovered.

So, if you are living in Chile and want to recover your emotional stability. If you are looking to adapt and socialize in a more satisfactory way, or perhaps you would like to improve your communication skills with your partner, children, co-workers. If you reconsidering another profession, or undertake a life project again that fits with your “current self”. My proposal would be to accompany you in designing an action plan that will take you to your personal and professional fulfillment.

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