Hello! My name is Julián Pizarro, I am a Professional Life Coach and I specialize in expat coaching. Living outside your home country can be an extraordinary experience, an adventure full of challenges, but it can also lead to certain difficulties, frustrations and anxieties. I’d like to walk with you in the mist of this new season in your life embracing your new surroundings be it personal, family, or work related.

Ted Talks for you


Coaching sessions can be taken to find results on a personal and professional level; providing you with tools and helping you to go through processes of change in situations such as:
· Adaptation to the new country
· Socialization
· Personal and professional reinvention
· Couple crisis, etc.

Personal and Professional Reinvention

It is a process of self-knowledge in your personal and work environments that will help us understand your interests, skills and personality traits to rethink your current situation and understand where you want to go, what your desired state would be, contemplating your new context, personal and family situation . We will talk about your strengths, desires and abilities to discover and act on what you can do in your new country.

Executive Coaching

Executive growth is the outcome of clear goals, honest feedback, and solid planning. It’s not always easy. But, as an executive, growth is critical. Every executive has blind spots and strengths. Growth means understanding clearly what those are and leveraging strengths, but also shoring up weaknesses that may be getting in the way of the results the organization needs.

Free Exploratory Session

If you want to start with the Coaching sessions, write me and agree a free exploratory session to briefly tell me the situation you would like to address and I will tell you how I could help you.

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